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Specialist in Mobile Food Service, Fire Protection Engineering & TSSA Inspections

Anderson Gas

Full-Service Gas Works & More in Toronto, Canada

Welcome to Anderson Inc.

We are Your Licensed Gas Solutions and Fire Protection Engineering Partner. We Offer Full Service and Diverse Gas Services including, Gas Inspections, Special Equipment Approval Applications, Food Trucks, Food Trailers (MFSE), Gas Systems Repairs, RED TAGS Clearing and Resolutions, Infrastructure Retrofits and Other Services.

We are Fully Licensed and Registered with The Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), the Governing Authority for Natural Gas and Propane. We Service Commercial Clients, Food Service, Food Truck Operators and Residential Clients.
We are Members of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers
We offer Full Service Fire Protection Engineering Services
We are Authorized Distributors for Amerax Fire Protection Systems

Your Professional Gas Service And Fire Protection Engineering Partner

Specialist in Licensed Gas Services, Food Trucks, Food Trailers, Inspections, Special Gas System Approval Applications (TSSA), Gas Infrastructure, Red Tag Clearing, Movie Set Support and Fire Protection Engineering

Anderson Gas

Gas Service Solutions

We Offer Full Service Gas Solutions and Services From Onsite / Roadside Repairs, Retrofits, Installations, Inspections, and MFSE support. We Service all Commercial, Industrial, Food Service, MFSE (Food Trucks, Trailers, carts, and Stand-Alone Appliances) for Natural Gas and Propane.